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Rohingya Language Academy is a platform & educational hub that allows Rohingya to learn and interact about the Rohingya language and its required tools.

Rohingya Language Academy or (Rohingya Zuban Academy) also helps international media, audiences, and linguistics to know more about the language itself. It also provides authentic translation, transcription, and any other technical and editing support to enhance the language further. RLA has already recreated the Rohingya National Flag, which was available since mid 20th century, and is also in the process of designing its own fonts and educational books. Rohingya Zuban comprises fully equipped & experienced team members from different areas & professions such as Rohingya language experts, teachers, writers, journalists, etc. Any Rohingya language related queries are also answered here for a clearer objective and development of the Rohingya Language that is at the edge of extinction.